Suspension Systems

A.L.P: Europesuspension kits are easy to assemble and allow all types of luminaire design to be suspended quickly and easily, expanding the possibilities for creative lighting designs.

The product range includes cables, clutches, ceiling fixings, as well as many unique and diverse ways of fixing lighting elements. A reconversion, update or a new lighting project from the idea to its realization, with our fastening systems is agile with the certainty of meeting delivery deadlines.

– Flexible suspension kits, also custom made according and to fit customer designs
– Simple and effective method to change the height and leveling of luminaires.
– The entire process, prototyping and supply available from a single source and at the best price.

Highest quality complete suspension systems and anchors, eliminating the need to source clutches, cables and ceiling accessories from a variety of suppliers.

Durable and guaranteed quality

A.L.P. Europe develops a range of systems that meet the current technical specifications demanded by lighting manufacturers, adjusting to innovation trends in design for the next generation of luminaires. ALP Europe’s excellence in knowledge and engineering, combined with patented clutch system technology, surpasses third-party solutions for performance and reliability.

Anchors and suspension systems

We manufacture for all types of luminaires from cables to sophisticated fixing mechanisms
according to customer drawings.