The perfect combination of brightness and uniform lighting surfaces.

The perfect combination of brightness and uniform lighting surfaces.

There’s a reason why more and more lighting designers are turning to Markrolon. A material specifically developed to adjust for the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting. Makrolon as a diffusion material in lighting provides the same color temperature over and over again. Its new lighting technology has transformed luminaire manufacturing

The new generation of Makrolon materials have been designed to diffuse LED light, hide intense hot spots of light, and create uniform lighting surfaces. In addition to hiding the points of light, the new diffuser materials exhibit high levels of transmission compared to traditional standard opalized polycarbonate sheets or satin surfaces of.

The high purchase cost of high-end LEDs emphasizes the importance of higher device efficiency. One of the two main arguments in favor of makrolon plates, together with the durability remaining unchanged over time.

Makrolon is synonymous with polycarbonate of the highest quality and, apart from lighting, the manufacture of medical devices, transport vehicles, as an architectural element, finds application. For today’s LED lighting, Makrolon sheets provide a perfect balance of design freedom and efficiency. They maximize the aesthetics, light effects and energy efficiency of any lighting fixture over a long period of time.

Makrolon® DX = Diffusion eXcellence

Makrolon® DX = Diffusion eXcellence.

Long and narrow ceiling lights, long or short distances between light points. Brightness combined with a wide diffusion is the solution for the manufacture of
Systems, Downlights, Projectors, Recessed wall and ceiling….

Makrolon® DX Cool
Brilliant white DX Cool offers a fresh and current color atom, even when the LEDs are off. DX is one of the most widespread diffuser sheets in the field of LED diffusion delighted countless users. DX Cool is the white diffuser sheet with the highest concealment efficiency. It offers one side with a matte surface finish and the other glossy.

Makrolon® DX Bright
DX Bright in opal white with one surface matt and the other glossy. The added dispersion pigments create a balance between high light diffusion and 74% transmission. DX Bright has the best balance between light transmission and hiding hot spots of light from LEDs.

Makrolon® DX High
Diffusion material that offers 84% transmission as well as excellent concealment from light sources. DX High is the most efficient of the Makrolon® DX diffuser sheet range.

Polycarbonate sheets and sheets offer a matt side and a glossy side with different characteristics and effects depending on their installation position.

Available in 2,050 x 1,250 mm sheets, in 1.5 / 2 and 3 mm thicknesses. UV, AR, FR, TPA (UK Fire Resistance Rating) variants are optional and available on request.

– Excellent impact resistance
– High fire resistance rating
– Perfect broadcast and transmission balance.
– Chemical and weather resistance
– Easy to handle and machine

Machine Vision
LEDs can be a special challenge for manufacturers of robotic machine vision systems. These systems are based on high resolution cameras that can detect the contrast between the parts being inspected and the surrounding background. If an irregular projection occurs, the artificial vision can be affected by not distinguishing the remains of the elements to be inspected.

Luminous Advertising
Signaling and commercial lighting projects require great luminosity. Hotels, bars, restaurants and shops all compete incessantly to be noticed and attract customers. LED technology is increasingly replacing neon advertising units. Store signs, logos, corporate letters, displays, sales shelves, when it comes to reflecting quality and high value makrolon is the material of first choice.

Makrolon® RX Line

Light reflective sheets with an extraordinary light reflectance index and thermoformable in a variety of 3D shapes. An unheard of material for its combination of dimensional stability and rigidity with high reflectance. It reduces light losses by recycling the internal reflections of the light box, which increases the light output ratio or LOR value. When used with matte surfaces, it can even increase luminance uniformity. Available in 1 mm thick and formats up to 2,050 x 1,250 mm.

Makrolon® SX Sharp

Primary glare control films especially suitable for lighting offices, work spaces and other indoor applications.
It provides a uniform distribution of light intensity (= low maximum intensity), when looking towards the luminaire, it provides a softer effect due to the light cut-off at 65º and prevents glare. A material that offers a combination of high light transmission and control of the light output curve. Makrolon® SX have high impact resistance and outperform the physical properties of other thermoplastics and glass. They resist temperatures from -100 to + 120° C which also shows low flammability. Available in a thickness of 3 mm and in sheets up to 3,050 x 1,650 mm.

New generation of
polycarbonate sheets
for LED applications