Thermoplastic sheet and film manufacturers have introduced new technologies designed to diffuse LED light, hide intense hot spots of light, and create uniform lighting surfaces.

LED light sources consist of a series of small diodes that create intense points of light and present the challenge of diffusing their intensity and creating homogeneous surfaces of light with the least loss of efficiency possible.

An ever-evolving product range from ALP now includes Lumieo® II, which has improved light transmission and offers a more intense white illuminated surface.

Lumieo® 0.5mm often finds application in combination with prismatic diffusers to meet the challenge of reducing glare and hiding light sources.

Lumieo® S84

Lumieo offers excellent light transmission and concealment of light sources and allows thermoforming to give a new dimension to lighting design.

Excellent diffusion is achieved through a combination of micro surface texturing and special diffusion additives. This is why Lumieo® is perfect for intensive light sources such as LEDs. Its versatility and excellent presentations make
This product stands out for performance and cost.

– Transmission from 73% to 80% according to thickness of 0.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.
– Standard size: 1270mm x 1270mm
– Maximum size: 2540mm long x 1270mm wide
– Deliveries cut according to customer’s drawing. Please consult!
– Maximum temperature of use: 70 ° C

Lumieo® Frost

The Lumieo® Frost series offers brilliant transmission performance and is a highly competitive alternative. Its high performance comes from a satin finish on the surface in combination with advanced color chemistry.

Products in the Lumieo® Frost Series can be thermoformed to bring a whole new dimension to the world of lighting design.

– Transmission of approximately 80% in the thickness of 2 mm
– Standard size: 1250 x 1850 mm
– Deliveries cut according to customer’s drawing. Please consult!
– Maximum temperature of use: 70 ° C