Optical technology in the automotive industry is gaining more traction as a component of quality and brand distinction given the limitless possibilities. Starting to be part of the most in-demand technology solutions, from LiDAR to new displays and autonomous vehicle applications, optical solutions are driving innovation in automotive.

Headlights and signaling
Integrated Display HUD
Brand identity lighting
Interior lighting and courtesy lights
Instrumentation panels and gauges

From films and optical plates to sophisticated injection lenses

In the automotive industry the speed at which innovation occurs is critical. The rapid advancement and breakthrough of LED technology has motivated a shift towards increasingly sophisticated and dynamic lighting systems. Connected systems that adapt to the environment, such as automatic adjustment to weather conditions, require a new way of thinking that translates to efficient, aesthetically different and intrinsically disruptive design.

Our optical components are designed to improve safety and driving comfort; they guide, reflect, select and manage light.

Efficient and bright displays for the automotive industry

LCD screens in the automotive industry are becoming more and more ubiquitous. They create a useful interface with valuable information and controls at the driver’s fingertips. These screens must be sharp and offer high contrast to minimize eyestrain and avoid errors especially in high sunlight conditions. Mini-LED or side-lit LED-backlit LCD displays are an obvious choice for information displays as they are exceptionally reliable, durable, and shine brightly even in sunlight. The efficient use of light is also important to minimize energy consumption. Bright View microlens array films help create optimal and efficient light output. They work with Edge Lit LCD screens and mini-LED LCD screens providing important advantages:

Energy efficiency.
High contrast images
Customizable optics according to the application.
Variety of shape and substrate options available

The future is three-dimensional.

Leading for the autonomous vehicle revolution is one of the hottest topics in the optical and photonics industry. As automobiles become more technologically sophisticated, they require more and more information from the outside world and from activity within the vehicle. The new sensors allow faster data acquisition and higher resolution images of the surrounding environment.

We offer a variety of efficient optics to cope with extremely low photon outputs and substrates suitable for harsh automotive environments resistant to temperature variations from -40° to 105° C.

Bright View micro lens array optics offer customizable bend angle and beam shaping solutions in a variety of form factors. They are cost-effective solutions that make it possible to combine multiple optical functions in a single layer. They allow to implement various forms of beam management or steering angles.

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We solve the optics
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