Committed to the environment and the quality of life of people through efficient and safe technological innovation. Since 2002 we have been offering consulting services on components that enable to create exceptional designs, increase performance, and effectively control light. We are experts in disruption and we are always at the forefront of technology, to offer our clients the best possible solutions

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Turnkey components that make the difference for the products of the main lighting firms. Our represented are technological leaders and competent partners when the objective is to break the current state of things.

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EXPERIENCE: Working on continuous innovation projects in close collaboration with the client allows us to expand the level of experience and broaden the range of skills. Decades of knowledge gained from cross-cutting industries gives us the flexibility and an open-minded approach to implement innovative solutions.

ADVICE: At db-ibérica, we understand the importance of good counselling in the execution of any project with a projected success. It is the basis or guarantee for all business collaboration to last over time.

Turn Key Solutions: We have the technological capacity and production resources necessary to conduct with full customer satisfaction, regardless of the complexity involved, any project from idea to serial production.

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Optical Engineering

ILULIGHTING: Micro and nano structures expand the possibilities of beam management functionality that plays an essential role in achieving excellent light distribution and product design.

DISPLAYS: Home appliances, personal devices, automotive applications and signage, flat screens or displays are everywhere and the demand for cost-effective quality solutions is increasing. Large formats, lightweight constructions, low energy consumption are required, as well as excellent readability even under the effects of strong sunlight.

OPTOELECTRONICS : Devices that combine light and electronic technologies are the solution to respond to a constant demand for technological innovation. The proliferation of sensors enables faster data acquisition and higher resolution imaging of surrounding environments.


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